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The Lake Fork Community Foundation meets the second Tuesday of each quarter.  Please
send applications, using the Colorado Common Grant format, digitally to
 Very large applications should be sent in multiple emails.  The next
meeting is A
pril 13, 2021.  Applications must be received for above deadline by the
25th of the last month of a quarter.  The next deadline is M
arch 25, 2021.  The LFCF
requests grantees submit the
Grant Summary Report upon completion of approved awards.  
The LFCF must have on file a completed
Collection Agreement to qualify for either grant
awards or to be included in our annual solicitation letter.

The LFCF receives grant requests which exceed the availability of funds.  All requests, which
meet the funding guidelines in accordance with the
Policy of the LFCF, are given full
consideration of the Board.
$2,500 is generally the maximum grant available in a single
application.  In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, it is a general practice of the
Lake Fork Community Foundation to avoid undue dependency on the Foundation and
refrains from awarding grants for operating expenses.  

Funding priorities:
  • Grants are awarded only to groups or organizations whose activities would/do qualify
    them for IRS tax exempt status.
  • Reach as many people as possible in the County.
  • Build on strengths and assets of people in the community and engage them in problem
  • Seek challenge of matching grants.
  • Attract volunteer resources and support.
  • Strengthen the private, non-profit sector.
  • Encourage collaboration with other organizations.
  • Build the capacity of the applying organization.
  • Require seed money for innovative projects.
  • Leverage additional public and private resources, both financial and volunteer.

Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA) is presented in a format that enables
you to save it to your hard drive and complete it without recreating the document.  The CGA
is a stand-alone document that includes basic instructions for completion.

Colorado Common Grant Application User’s Guide (User’s Guide) combines the
collective thoughts of grantmakers, nonprofits, and others to explain intent of questions, offer
tips, and provide an easily accessible source of help, if additional guidance is wanted.  It is
not a replacement for a discussion with a specific foundation about your proposal.

The User’s Guide was not intended to be read beginning to end, rather referenced on an as
needed basis. The on-line file is bookmarked so that you may page directly to the sections or
questions of interest.

Step 1: Open the
User’s Guide in a separate window to be accessible as you work.  
Use the bookmark feature to page to additional clarification and tips.

Step 2: Save the
Common Grant Application to your computer.

Step 3: Open your saved copy of the Common Grant Application to use as your template.  

Keep in mind that the final proposal includes 4 sections.
Section I: Cover Letter
Section II: Summary Sheet Form
Section III: Narrative
Section IV: Attachments (below)

  • Signature of the president or chairperson and another officer of the agency's governing body, and
    also the name, title and telephone number of an individual who may be able to provide additional
    information regarding your application.

  • Itemized project budget.

  • Agency/club/organization current annual income and expense budget (i.e. Balance Sheet, annual
    audit information).

  • Approval by agency/organization's governing board/director approving the project (i.e. copy of the
    resolution or minutes, letter of approval, etc.)

  • List of Officers/Board Members

The Board of Directors will make the final decision.  The Lake Fork Community Foundation reserves the right to request
additional information about your organization, the project, and added financial details.