This Scholarship Fund was established by Bill and Ruthanna Hall, in the name of Roger D. Coursey, the
Sheriff of Hinsdale County, Colorado, who was killed, in the line of duty, in November 1994.  Roger
was vitally interested in the education of children and his family has heartily endorsed the
establishment of this Scholarship Fund.

Scholarships For Graduating Seniors:
The primary focus of this Fund will be to provide as much support as funds will allow, to graduates of
the Lake City or Gunnison High Schools for those students whose primary residence has been Hinsdale
County, Colorado for at least two years preceding application for scholarship funds.  The Board of
Directors will establish amounts available each year based upon available funds and the number of
qualified graduating students.  Application in the year of high school graduation is not a prerequisite for
application in succeeding years.  Students, who are qualified upon graduation, will be eligible to
continue to apply for funds in succeeding years so long as eligibility requirements are otherwise

Continuing Education Scholarships:
As a secondary goal of the Scholarship Fund, and once again, to the extent that funds are available,
the Fund will support any resident of the Lake Fork Valley, in Hinsdale County, who wishes to further
his or her education and who has been a resident for at least two years.  The Board of Directors shall
be certain that expenditures for Continuing Education Scholarships will not impair the ability of the
fund to provide for the primary focus group above.

All students who fit the above criteria will be eligible for scholarship funds on a non-competitive basis.  
Seniors, graduating from Lake City or Gunnison High Schools, shall fill out and submit the
application. The funds established each year by the Board of Directors will be available to qualified
students for all expenses related to their education such as, tuition, books, and room and board at an
accredited school of their choice.  Applicants for Continuing Education Scholarships will need to submit
a completed application, together with a written letter, describing their continuing education
objectives.  Individual decisions will be made on the basis of applications submitted.

Applicants may be required to appear before the selection committee, in person, for an interview.

Graduating Lake City and Gunnison High School Seniors must have applied for and been accepted for
enrollment in an accredited college or university located in any state in the United States of their
choice.  Candidates must agree to carry and pass 12 credit hours, during each semester and maintain a
2.5 G.P.A. (on a 4.0 scale), or better.  Candidates must agree to meet the minimal reporting
requirements, that is, promptly answering correspondence from the Foundation, notifying the
Foundation of home and school address changes, submitting semester grade reports, etc.

Candidates applying for Continuing Education Scholarships must indicate the education medium of their
choice and demonstrate a reasonable expectation that they will be accepted if scholarship funds are
made available.

Scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate students and, to the extent that funds are
available, to continuing education applicants.  Financial need and availability of funds from other grants,
scholarships, or loans shall not be considered in determining eligibility.  Applications must be submitted
to the Roger D. Coursey Scholarship Fund by May 1 of each year.

Upon completion of the selection process, announcement letters regarding scholarships for graduating
seniors will be forwarded, with an award certificate, to the appropriate high school principal for
presentation to the designated recipient at the annual school Awards Day ceremony.  Continuing
Education applicants will be notified by mail or in person and will be presented with their award at that

All Scholarship Fund payments will be made directly to the school or continuing education program in
which the student will enroll.  Upon notification of acceptance from the school of choice, one-half the
scholarship funds will be sent for the first semester.  Upon receipt of a transcript showing a 2.5 GPA
for the first semester, the second half of the scholarship award will be sent to the school.  If the
student wishes to receive scholarship funds for subsequent school years, they should send a letter to
the Board so stating.  Funds will be awarded based on availability of money in the Scholarship Fund

Since 1996, the Lake Fork Community Foundation has awarded $34,250.00 in scholarships to the students listed below.  
1996                Samar Bannister                        Calif Maritime Academy
1997                Noel Meredith                           Masters College
1997                Gray Hollingsworth                     CSU
1999                Richard Thompson                      Ft. Lewis College
1999                Garrett Bales                            CSU
2000                Jessica Turpin                           Santa Fe College
2001                Anna Olson                              LeTourneau University
2001                Brandon Wilson                         University of the Pacific
2002                Garrett Pierce                           Mesa State
2002                Roy Chase                               CSU
2002                Polly Meredith                           Masters College
2004                Kirk Olson                               WYO Tech
2004                Brandy Vanlandingham                 Western State
2004                Austin Baker                             University of Texas- Austin
2004                Chelsea Brown                          UNC-CSU
2005                Whitnie Anderson                       Western State
2005                Kelli Cadwell                             Mesa State-Delta VoTec
2006                Kris Bloomer                            CSU
2007                Jared Sharpe                             Mesa State
2007                Andy Meredith                           Masters College
2008                Michael Brown                           UNC
2008                Kyle Levitt                               CIA (Culinary Institute of America)
2009                Katie Dozier                             CSU
2010                Andrew McNitt                          CSU
2010                Taylor Long                              Western State
2011                Kelsey Guthmiller                       Elmira College –New York
2011                Jon Sharpe                               Community College of Denver
2011                Andrew Stuntz                           Ft. Lewis
2012                Drew Nelson                             CSU
2012                Storm Gozzola                          Colorado Mesa University
2013                Dylan Smith                             WSCU
2013                Jeremy Cadwell                         Colorado Mesa University
2013                Dakota Hudgeons                       CSU
2014                Danny File                               Masters College
2014                Karley Guthmiller                       Black Hills State in South Dakota
2014                Maddie McClung                         CMU
2014                Jeremy Cadwell                         Colorado Mesa University
2014                Michelle Pierce                          Western State Colorado University
2015                Michelle Pierce                          Western State Colorado University        
2015                Michelle Pierce                          Western State Colorado University
2015                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2016                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2016                Danny File                                Masters College
2016                Gus Nard                                 Colorado State University
2016                Haleigh Rogers                          Colorado Mesa University
2016                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2016                Zoe Worthen                             Aveda Institute
2017                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2017                Gus Nard                                 Colorado State University
2017                Zoe Worthen                             Aveda Institute
2017                Haleigh Rogers                          Colorado Mesa University
2017                Megan Levine                            Adams State University
2017                Ian Scroggins                            Dixie College
2017                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2017                Gus Nard                                 Colorado State University
2018                Megan Levine                            Adams State University
2018                Gus Nard                                 Colorado State University
2018                Ian Scroggins                            Dixie College
2018                Zoe Worthen                             Aveda Institute   
2018                Autumn Baker                           Colorado Mesa University
2018                Cameron Arthur                         University Colorado Colorado Springs
2018                Miranda Hall                             Cornell College
2018                Chris Athey                              Colorado Mesa University
2018                Isaac Borchers                          Oklahoma Panhandle State University   
2019                Megan Levine                            Adams State University
2019                Ian Scroggins                            Dixie College
2019                Ryan Scroggins                          Louisiana State University
2019                Miranda Hall                             Cornell College
2019                Kolton Wonnacott                       Fort Lewis College
2019                Jaycee Lawrence                        Colorado Mesa University
2019                Paige Thompson                         Texas Christian University
2019                Miranda Hall                              Cornell College
2019                Cameron Arthur                         University of Colorado
2019                Sophia Borchers                         Colorado Mesa University
2019                Meredith Warren                        Adventist Health University
2019                Akex Boyce                              Western State Colorado University
2020                Miranda Hall                              Cornell College
2020                Sophia Borchers                         Colorado Mesa University
2020                Paige Thompson                         Texas Christian University
2020                Meredith Warren                        Adventist Health University

2020                Michael Brown                           Univerisity of Northern Colorado
2020                Hailey Cooper Gray                     Seattle Pacific University
2020                Claire Cunningham                      Berry College
2020                Miranda Hall                             Cornell College  
2020                Paige Thompson                         Texas Christian University
2021                Miranda Hall                              Cornell College
2021                Paige Thompson                         Texas Christian University